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1. The Consult

Action plan only

Send us photos & measurements of the areas needing organisation. You’ll get a full needs assessment and questionnaire plus an organisation action plan including pro tips and personalised advice to help you get organised. ORDER NOW

Virtual consultation

Get a full needs assessment including a questionnaire plus LIVE pro organisation tips and personalised advice over video chat. You’ll be given a full organisation action plan to help you get organised. Virtual sessions are conducted on Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video. ORDER NOWBOOK NOW

On-site Consultation

We will travel to you with sample organisers and dividers in tow. Together we can play around with suitable options to organise your space.  You’ll get a full needs assessment, practical demonstration and advice session. Lastly, all measurements are documented. Flat rate for Gauteng & Tshwane. Travel costs apply for further distances.  ORDER NOWBOOK NOW

Complimentary Chat

Contact me by email, whatsapp or give me a call for an initial complimentary chat. We’ll cover your location, home / business set-up and your requirements so that we can determine whether I can help you within the time frames you have in mind. EMAIL | WHATSAPP | CALL NOW

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2. The organisation plan

Detailed action plan

After conducting a full audit on your space, we use the info gathered to create a full action plan. The plan includes “before” photos and visual examples of what the space could look like after implementation. GET YOURS NOW

Fully specified

You’ll get a full description of the recommended items required to carry out the organisation. Only tried and trusted products of the highest quality will be recommended to you.

Pro tips and advice

We’ll make sure that your organisation plan is packed with helpful and practical tips backed up by tons of experience and knowledge.


See pricing table below

kitted out

3. The installation

Special Care

We’ll take special care of your belongings by carefully removing them from your cabinetry, sorting according to importance and function, and then placing them back in a meticulous way.

Rubber mat drawer & shelf liners

Drawer liners are cut by hand with expert precision and then trimmed down on-site for the perfect fit.  Or you can DIY it – SHOP NOW

Dividers & organisers

 We specify and install only the finest quality imported and local products sourced from various trusted suppliers. Check out our online shop for more detail SHOP NOW or GET A QUOTE


Products priced separately. A full quote will be issued including a breakdown of install costs. 

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